Social Welfare

We have entertained a plethora of sports and youth activities.  With your support we can achieve so many more.  Below is a small sample of previous projects.

Youth Association of Britain (YAB) – Winter Camp, Snowdonia


Fifty-five young people aged between 12 and 20 took part in this winter camp in Llanberis in beautiful Snowdonia. Activities were geared to building a better Muslim character, with a focus on team building, communication and social skills, and included trekking in the mountains, a football tournament, paintball and night games. .

Forum of European Muslim Youth and Student Organisations (FEMYSO), Belgium

The Europe Trust supported FEMYSO to establish a consortium representing Islamic youth and student organisations in Europe. The aim was to involve them in the political and social life of their countries and so become part of mainstream society.

Islamitische Liga, The Netherlands

One of the main challenges for European Muslims is sustaining good relationships between old and young members of society. To help promote this the Islamic League in the Netherlands ran a camping programme, which the Europe Trust sponsored.

Somali Association, Birmingham

Somali Association

The Trust supported the Somali Association to organise sports activities for 40 school children during the winter of 2005. The children were mainly from refugee families who could not otherwise afford to participate in such activities.

Youth Muslim Society, Lithuania

Every summer, the Lithuanian Youth Muslim Society organises activities for young people. In August 2005, young men and women attended the recreational camp near Taurage and participated in a seminar on education and learning, team building and youth initiatives.

Liga Islåmica Para el Diålogo y la Convivencia, Granada, Spain

To promote harmony between the Muslim community and mainstream society, the Trust sponsored a youth recreational programme run by the Islamic League of Dialogue in Spain between 18th and 21st August 2005. Many families joined in the activities, ranging from debates and discussions to sporting and leisure activities.


Islamic Youth Forum (IYF), Macedonia

In 2005, the Europe Trust contributed to various programmes, including workshops and seminars on the media, social integration, human rights in Islam and women’s rights. The IYF also supported community gatherings and social events such as Ramadan breakfasts, holiday parties, knowledge competitions, recreational activities and more.

Centro Cultural Islamico, Valencia, Spain

Granada, Spain

Liaising with local colleges, the centre organised a course for about 30 students. The participants took part in activities to develop their team-building skills, learn about the importance of health and fitness, as well as studying the geography of the area.