The Europe Trust believes that education is the backbone of any stable, peaceful and prosperous society and lends its support to students, schools and colleges.


Although most people in Europe enjoy a good basic standard of education, there are many who cannot fulfil their potential because they come from low-income families and poorer communities. The Europe Trust aims to help these individuals continue their studies or research so that they may reach their full potential and then help their families and communities to a better quality of life.

The Trust also funds educational projects in areas where there are specific identified needs that are not being met by local institutions.

For example, Europe Trust has supported a number of libraries in Europe by providing them with books and other media in different languages so that they are better able to serve their local communities. 

In the UK, the Trust sponsored a number of text books developed by the London Arabic Supplementary School (LASS).

How Have Your Donations Have Helped Others?

The Europe Trust supports the European Institutes of Human Sciences (EIHS). These were established to provide the Muslim community with a comprehensive Islamic education and also to act as a centre for the promotion of the moderate teachings of Islam. It is hoped that graduates of EIHS will contribute to their own communities and participate in dialogues to promote tolerance, friendship, democracy, understanding and harmony.

European Institute of Human Science (EIHS) – Ceredigion, Wales


This is one of Europe’s most unique Islamic educational centres. EIHS was established in March 1998 and officially opened in November 1999.

The Institute was founded in order to teach Arabic language and Islamic Studies up to degree level standard.  The various courses cater for both beginners and experts. Their aim is to cultivate a truly Islamic atmosphere and an authentic way of life for all brothers and sisters who study there.

Students from a number of European countries attend this popular institution.  The Trust supports the institute at many different levels.

European Institute of Human Science (EIHS) – Chateau Chinon, France

france-collegeThis is one of several very successful Europe Trust projects in France. In the year 2004/5 the Institute granted awards to 12 students, including two lecturers, after they successfully learned the 10 Quranic Readings from Dr Ayman Rushdie Suwaid. These awards were the first of their kind in Europe.

Another 25 students graduated from the Institute of Arabic Language after successfully completing their Arabic Language study in two years.

The Trust has also helped fund the Institute’s seminars on Arabic, the Quran and Islamic law, as well as various youth activities. Over 350 students have participated so far.

European Institute of Human Science (EIHS) – Paris, France

Europe Trust has been liaising with EIHS in Paris to look at ways of improving its facilities to accommodate more students and offer them residential facilities.