Community centres

Llandudno Community Centre, Wales

The Trust leases its centre to the community in Llandudno for educational and cultural activities. It provides a prayer hall/mosque, meeting room, classrooms, kitchen, and other facilities for use by the community.


Athens Community and Cultural Centre, Greece

In 2005, the Europe Trust and the Hellenic-Arabic Centre for Culture and Civilisation (HAC) took ownership of a Community and Cultural Centre in Athens. The property was donated by a Europe Trust supporter. The centre will be used as an office and base for HAC and its cultural activities. The HAC actively works with the local community and the centre will be used to teach a variety of courses and improve their supplementary education programme.

Thessalonica Community Centre, Greece


The Europe Trust and the Hellenic-Arabic Cultural Centre Association (HAC) have jointly purchased a large .at to serve as a community centre. It was purchased in June and required some refurbishment, and the opening ceremony took place in October 2005. Many dignitaries and local authority representatives attended and the mayor of Thessalonica addressed the guests, affirming local government support for the centre.

Cork Muslim Society, Republic Of Ireland

With local partners, cork Muslim Society, the Trust has purchased Building  in Cork and is developing plans to build a Community Centre.

Gera, Germany

Gera photo

In 2005, the Europe Trust and a local community association in Gera purchased a property that will be used as a centre for educational and cultural activities.

Lüdenscheid, Germany

The Europe Trust has purchased Building in Ludenscheid, and work with the local community in Ludenscheid to host cultural and educational activities.

Community Centre in Liege, Belgium

Community centres

The Europe Trust has purchased a land and is planning to establish a community centre in Liege for the promotion of education and social welfare.

New Berlin project, Germany


With the local community in Berlin, one of the important city of Germany, the Europe Trust has has purchased Building and work with the local community  to extending the existing cultural centre,  where a mosque is already sited. The Building will provide facilities such as a school, commercial premises and residential accommodation for students, as well as community facilities. The Trust is promoting this project and appealing for funds.