Leave A Will

You can support the Europe Trust by leaving us a lasting gift in your will so that we can help future generations. You can be confident that your legacy will go towards projects serving those in need across Europe.

The importance of making a will

last-will-testamentIn the UK only one in three people make a Will. This is because people do not realise how much they are actually worth or assume that their money will automatically go to their husband, wives or next of kin. This is not necessarily the case. If you do not specify who you want to receive your assets, your loved ones can be left with many months of uncertainty and high legal costs.

A will gives you the chance to say who you would like to receive your money, property and other possessions when you die and so to provide for your spouse, partner, dependants, family or your chosen charity. By choosing to leave a charitable legacy in your Will, you could reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate. The Trust office can advise you on what to do next.