Help Us

How can you help the Trust to help others? Very simply by following some of these suggestions:

Make Dua

The most important contribution you could make and it’s absolutely free. Please remember our projects during your times of self reflection.

Donate Money

Donate alms, sadaqa, zakat to the Trust, which can be disseminated to charitable projects. You may donate as often as you can. You don’t even need a donation form. You can just specify what your donation is for on a separate note or on the back of the cheque. Please include your name and address. You can also set up a credit/debit card regular payment, or better still set up a regular standing order with your bank. Just contact the Trust’s office for more details.

Donate Assests (waqf)

The Trust will use your gift to create a permanent endowment fund (Sadaqa Jarya) to support its charitable work enabling people’s lives to be improved now and in the future. The assets can be property, land, business interests and money, or you can buy a share in one of our property development projects.

Lend Assest/Money

Assets or money (Qardh Hassan) to increase our capacity to develop new projects.

Invest In Projects

Projects that are recommended by the waqf and whose returns shall benefit the Europe Trust’s charitable work. New investment projects are being developed to benefit the investor: more details will be distributed as they become available so drop us a line to stay informed.

Raise Funds

In your community for the Europe Trust and spread the word. You could organise a charity bazaar or other fundraising event. Europe Trust leaflets can be supplied for display and distribution.

Tell Others

About the Europe Trust and our work. Encourage your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues at work, university, college or school to contribute to the Europe Trust work or to become a volunteer. If you provide the names and addresses of people who would be interested in knowing about the Trust, an information pack can be sent.

Leave A Legacy

After you have gone let your fortune work for you. Find out how to form your will.

Use Gift Aid

If you pay income, capital gains or any other tax in the UK, you can increase the value of your donation by 28% without spending any extra. The Trust simply claims back the tax that you have already paid to the Inland Revenue. To enable this, complete the relevant section on the donation form or telephone/email us with your details.

Inform The Trust

Of any change of address or of any duplicate mailings to your address.

Bank Account Details

Please contact the Trust’s office for more details