The Europe Trust (formerly known as the European Trust) was established in 1994 and became a registered charity in January 1996 – Registered Charity No. 1103290. The Trust is non-political, non-profit making and independent. The organisation and its management are governed by and accountable to a Board of Trustees.

The Europe Trust aims to build a portfolio of assets such as properties or land, donated and dedicated as endowments (waqf), and to promote the establishment of businesses and investments to generate income to fund charitable projects.

Vision: Society, Welfare and Serenity

About 2The Europe Trust seeks to build a permanent endowment (waqf) to benefit society and to contribute to a harmonious society where equal opportunity and quality of life are a reality for everyone. The Trust has two main activities: charitable

  • Activities including fundraising
  • Resource Generation from investments and property

Charitable Activities

The Europe Trust aims to work in partnership with others to improve quality of life and opportunity for communities in Europe. It works with communities to acquire and provide facilities for their activities and we focus on three priority areas:

  • Education
    • Providing assistance to schools, institutes and universities.
    • Supporting needy students with education expenses.
    • Funding educational and recreational activities for young people.
  • Health Care
    • Giving grants to organisations which provide services to their local communities, and people with special needs like older people and the disabled, etc.
    • Caring for older people in nursing and care homes.
  • Social Welfare
    • Helping to develop and support community and cultural centres across Europe.
    • Providing counselling and advice to women to support their educational, social and cultural aspirations.
    • Supporting community efforts to build a safe and healthy environment.
    • Helping to meet the basic needs of the vulnerable, the poor, the needy and the homeless.

Thus enabling us to help disenfranchised groups such as but not limited to:

  • Students
  • Young People
  • Women
  • The Elderly

Donations from Europe Trust supporters help those affected by natural and man-made disasters and have been used to provided humanitarian assistance to particularly vulnerable groups and individuals. In the past year, we have started exploring ways of contributing to humanitarian activities in sub-Saharan countries as well as Pakistan, Palestine and Iraq.

Funding and resource generation

building1The Europe Trust is funded by donations from supporters and by the income generated from donated properties. The Trust therefore welcomes donations, gifts or loans of land, property, business or money, which can be used to generate revenue for projects in the community and its charitable work.

Supporters are encouraged to read more about how to help us.